What types of foods are served on the tour?

We will stop at 6 establishments during the tour. The types of food include local cheese, Mexican cuisine, and dishes native to Mineral Point.

How much food is served on the tour?

You will be served small meals or samples. For most people there is enough food that a meal afterwards will not be necessary.

What if we have dietary restrictions?

Unfortunately we are not able to cater to special dietary needs at this time.

Are there any beverages served on the tour?

Water will be served with each food dish with the exception being the cheese factory. One stop will also include a sampling of various craft beers.

Do we just walk around and sample food?

The tour provides history, architecture, culture, and local cuisine. We will be sampling food and drinks at each location depending on the establishment.

Are bathrooms available during the tour?

Yes, bathrooms are available during the tour. We will stop at each restaurant for approximately 20-25 minutes, which includes time to use the bathrooms.

Is there wheelchair accessibility on the tour?

Our tour will cover some uneven terrain, and unfortunately some locations are not handicap accessible.

How much walking is involved?

We are on our feet for approximately half of the tour. We cover a good deal of information yet walk at a comfortable pace. We sit at most restaurants for 20-25 minutes. Remember to wear comfortable shoes.

Does the tour guide accept gratuities?

Gratuities are always appreciated, though not mandatory, and are not included in the ticket price.

Where do we park when we arrive?

Parking available on High Street or 320 Doty Street in the parking lot next to the Mineral Point Fire Department.